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Venice Vacations

Agriturismo in Veneto  Venice accommodations

Venice Vacations

For vacations in Venice and its province use the search form to find accommodations in Venice & Country, which offers many lodgings solutions and discover the artistic beauties of Venice while spending a relaxing vacation.

Venice Vacations  

Venice Vacations

Venice vacations allow visitors to discover the historical-artistic beauties of the lagoon city and the surrounding areas.

Accommodations in agriturismo (farm-tourism), Bed and Breakfast accommodations, or any other lodgings offered by the portal Venice & Country let you be able to spend vacations far from the frenzy of the big cities and at the same time visit Venice, Verona, Vicenza...
Inside the portal you will find visitor's information for your vacation: the main natural attractions of Venice and its province, the museums, the villas and the monuments, the events. Venice & Country offers a valuable service to visitors from all over the world, by putting them in touch with the Venetian offers for exciting vacations near the people and places as they really are.

To ease the search for visitors looking for accommodations and lodgings for their vacations, the database has been divided into four distinct areas: Venice and the beaches, Treviso, Padua, Rovigo, Vicenza, Verona, il Garda, Dolomiti Bellunesi (Italian Alps) and Cortina d'Ampezzo. Visitors will be able to consult the database and search for accommodations and lodgings in and around Veneto.
Each area reports information regarding the area of vacation of interest.

It is possible to search for lodgings and accommodations for Venice vacations, the province of Venice and even through the four distinct areas as specified in the form: Bed & Breakfast accommodations, villas, apartments, agriturismo (farm-tourism), inns, hotel residences and suites.

Besides the information on the offers for vacations in the province of Venice and in Veneto, the portal offers constant updates on events in the area of interest, on local cuisine, on wines and wine cellars…


To organize my vacation in Venice can I contact the managers and owners of the featured accommodations?

Use the same info request form for availability of vacation lodgings and accommodations to contact managers and owners of featured sites.