Tourism in Venice Tourism in Venice
Tourism in Venice

Agriturismo in Veneto  Venice accommodations

Tourism in Venice

For Venice tourism, vacations, holidays or for all great occasions, check the Venice & Country portal, which offers Venice tourism information on accommodations and lodgings in Venice and on cultural tourism in Veneto

Tourism in Venice  

Tourism in Venice

All inside information and secrets of tourism in the Regione Veneto and in Venice can be found in Venice & Country, the portal that puts tourism information on accommodations and on lodgings in Venice and its province, at the service of visitors.

For those who wish to blend cultural Venice tourism and a relaxing vacation in Venice, the portal offers a search form sorted by type of accommodations and by geographical area.

Tourism from abroad is predominant in Venice, and foreign visitors are able to request tourist information and availability by filling out the forms to check all Bed and Breakfast accommodations, villas, apartments, agriturismo (farm-tourism), inns or hotel residences and suites.

Tourism is much more than just leisure, and Venice, its province and the other cities of Veneto allow for time dedicated to visit their artistic-cultural beauties, landmarks and attractions.
Thanks to the constant expansion of tourism in Venice, the offers and availability of accommodations and lodgings have increased as well. Venice & Country wants to give tourists worldwide a service, which puts visitors in touch with the offers of Venice and the surrounding areas


Which tourism services are available on the portal Venice & Country?

Venice & Country offers cultural tourism and intelligent stays that are the starting point for visits to Venice and to the other artistic cities of Veneto.


How can I enter my Bed and Breakfast in the database of Venice & Country?

You may enter any type of accommodation located in Venice or in Veneto by requesting the contract at