Venice Bed and Breakfast Venice Bed and Breakfast
Venice Bed and Breakfast

Agriturismo in Veneto  Venice accommodations

Venice Bed and Breakfast, b&b rooms in Venice

The choice of a Venice Bed and Breakfast , b&b , rooms allows visitors to discover Venice and the Veneto Region lodging in rooms with families that offer accommodations and lodgings in Bed and Breakfast, rooms b&b in Venice

Venice Bed and Breakfast  

Venice Bed and Breakfast

Venice & Country offers accommodations and lodgings in many Bed and Breakfast in the Veneto Region and in Venice. Bed and Breakfast accommodations give visitors the opportunity to visit the most important artistic cities in Veneto like Venice, Padua and Treviso. Check the
website to find lodgings for stays in agriturismo (farm-tourism) or in a Bed and Breakfast to make you feel closer to the reality of the people and the places you visit.

The Bed and Breakfast accommodations introduced are the symbol of hospitality and courtesy of the Veneto Region, carefully selected to insure the clientele a quiet vacation in Venice without inconveniences.

To search for a Bed and Breakfast in the provinces of Venice and in the other provinces of Veneto visitors must use the search form inside the Venice & Country website.
Each Bed and Breakfast featured inside the portal shows a brief description, provides a search form, prices, type of lodgings and the type of attractions and services to be found in Venice and in Veneto.

How can I enter my b&b rooms and Bed and Breakfast in the database of Venice & Country?

You may enter any type of accommodation located in Venice or in Veneto by requesting the contract at or by filling out the form for entering directly the b&b rooms in Bed and Breakfast at

For your visit to Venice, besides searching for a b&b rooms in Bed and Breakfast in the surrounding area of Venice, what does the website offer?

Inside the Venice & Country portal you will find all relevant information regarding your b&b rooms in Bed and Breakfast stay, with all distances between Veneto cities and Venice, the places to visit, the landmarks, the tourist spots, the museums and much more !