Bed and Breakfast Vicenza Bed and Breakfast Vicenza
Bed and Breakfast Vicenza

Bed and Breakfast Vicenza  Bed and Breakfast Vicenza

in VICENZA veneto italy


for your holiday in the nearness of Vicenza we suggest a nice accommodation in a quiet farm house agritourism or in a romantic bed and breakfast. You are in the middle of Veneto region not far away from from Venetian beaches , not far from the other art historical cities of Veneto - Treviso Padua Verona Vicenza Belluno Rovigo and Venice - Vicenza is the town of Palladio’s villas and the center of the Venetian Renaissance architecture - Venice & Country

Bed and Breakfast Vicenza  

Bed and Breakfast Vicenza


Venice and country is a guide , a list with photos info and prices ( often are cheap) , one of the best for vacations and holidays in Veneto around Venice  creating direct contact between the foreign tourism  and a nice accommodation in Vicenza  bed and breakfast , agritourism, farm house near Vicenza not only , but also  accommodations in hotels garni relais guest houses inns villas apartments and rooms for rent , any kind of tourist resorts  in the entire Veneto , the best Italian region for your vacations .

Historical cities of art are



Bassano del Grappa with his ponte degli Alpini bridge

Venetian Palladio’s villas  are

ville del Brenta

villa La Rotonda 

villa Godi

villa Caldogno 

 other villages in the province of Vicenza are - Caldiero  Lago di Fimon lake Montecchio Maggiore Alte Ceccato Custoza  Ponte degli Alpini  Camisano Vicentino Agugliaro Altavilla Vicentina Brogliano Campiglia dei Berici  - in those villages you can meet nice families managing farm houses or bed and breakfast and spend your travel vacation and holiday in Vicenza and in the entire Veneto in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Particularly interesting are the resorts in Monti Berici mountains  Altopiano di Asiago Monte Grappa and in the area of spas and Thermae Caldiero Terme and Recoaro Terme – here are opportunities for relax and sport as biking riding hiking  and here also you find easily an hotel or a non hotel accommodation  in bed and breakfasts or farmhouses agritourism –

What is it , an agritourism ?  in Italian language agriturismo is a real farmhouse organized as restaurant or as bed and breakfast for the tourist –

Venice and country is listing only accommodations and lodging with a over night service.

Following resorts are small but interesting to know the real way of life of the Venetian country people  - Campolongo sul Brenta Carrè Bressanvido Creazzo Montecchio Precalcino Monticello Conte Otto Montegaldella Noventa Vicentina Pove del Grappa Pozzoleone Sandrigo Zovencedo Zugliano Santorso Sarcedo Sarego Orgiano Crespadoro –

You can appreciate the Venetian cuisine  , particularly traditional in Vicenza – good food and cheap - the old farmers , in the past they where poor , know a lot of recipes   for cooking the cheapest dried fishes , code or herring . In the best farm houses agritourism near Vicenza are serving a very good – and cheap – baccalà alla vicentina

-    and what about wine areas or whine roads in the Province of Vicenza ? You find local wine only in the Monti Berici  - more than wine , this people like a kind of poor brandy , the grappa , Bassano is the main place for the grappa – to find an area or a road of white or red wine it is convenient  to take the car and go to the Treviso Province.

so, link venice and country in order to find a  nice lodging for your vacations near Vicenza Veneto

Farm house agritourism VillaGianFranco                   Val D'Astico      

The fields are resplendent in colours that change with the seasons.
The woods frame an enchanting landscape, interspersed with very picturesque sites. You can breath air that is sparkling and envirogating. A wonderful place to find an oasis that is relaxing and tranquil.

Farm House Il Monticello Bassani                                Vicenza            

Farm house agritourism Il Palazzone                          Vicenza             

Farm house agritourism L'Albara                                Vicenza               

Animals from low court besides rear, and large swine with hay and cereals of its production and an excellent wood-stove cooks home-made bread. The zone is famous for the presence of olive-groves and cherry-trees that are appreciated in all the province.
Accomodates. Who wished to live a week-end or spend an alternative holiday of his dipped in the quiet of the countryside, near the more beautiful towns of art, we offer the

Bed and Breakfast Ca' di Valle                                   Marostica              

There are numberless routes and trips you can make starting from our house:
The Brenta and his piedmont, the Mount Grappa, the caves of Oliero, the temple of Canova in Possagno are just a few of the numerous possibilities which our area offers.
The building, a former stable with barn , offers its guests:
Bed and Breakfast La Casa Trasparente                     Vicenza                

The host restores antiques and produces furniture upon request in the workshop located beside the House.
Venezia (60mn.) Lake garda (60 mn.) Verona and Padova (45 mn.) close by. Ontop di Asiago (60 mn.) Golf club and Manège (15 mn.)

Bed and Breakfast Poggio al Lago                            Vicenza                

A breakfast under the pergola, a boat tour in the below lake, the visit to the several Veneto Villas, a walk, a horse ride or a mountain-bike ride…………is the right environment for those people loving nature and peacefulness

Bed and Breakfast Sant'Antonino                              Vicenza                 

The House, completly restored is open all the year and stratecically positioned to enjoy palladian art.
It's a place to whitdraw to after a pleasant touristic excursion
The owners, speaks English and German.

Bed and Breakfast Baffellan                                      Moutain Little Dolomiti             

From our house or from St. Antonio by easy walks you can reach hills and woods or other valley's pleasant places.
Who laves more binding walking tours can rich by car the near Pian delle Fugazze Pass and then walk to Pasubio's peak (mt. 2232) or Carega or Sengio Alto. All paths are well marked

Bed and Breakfast BiBi                                            Bassano del Grappa 

Take in the fresh mountain air. Relax in a modern villa with secluded, beautifully decorated rooms. (T.V., common area, solarium, and ample private parking).
Breakfast is served under the cherry trees, or on the sheltered outdoor patio, or if the occasion

 demands, in front of a cozy fireplace.
Your comfort is assured --

Bed and Breakfast Ca' del Vento                             Vicenza                     

We offer a nice apartment on the ground floor with a double room, a sitting room with two single beds, a kitchen and a bathroom with shower. We also have a bed for small children

Bed and Breakfast Alla Pergola                               Vicenza                    

Guest house Gambini                                                Vicenza                   

Villa Il Monticello Bassani                                       Vicenza

Apartment Rooms Ulivi House                                 Bassano del Grappa              

Ulivi House apartment A "peace oasis" among the hills, with a wonderful view. Give yourself a pleasant stay in a very relaxing house very near to Bassano del Grappa, and approx. 50 Km from both Padova and Venice.
The ideal place to stay after paragliding also, as it is only 10 km far from the take-off structures

Apartment Rooms Residence Silvia                          Bassano del Grappa           

Apartment RoomsLa Casa Trasparente2                   Vicenza          

This attractive and unusual House, eleganty furnished, lies in the Berici hills, in the lush countryside near Vicenza.
Sunny, light and welcoming athmosphere.
The host restores antiques and produces furniture upon request in the workshop located beside the House.
Venezia (60mn.) Lake garda (60 mn.) Verona and Padova (45 mn.) close by. Ontop di Asiago (60 mn.) Golf club and Manège (15 mn.)