Dolomiti Dolomites Dolomiti Dolomites
Dolomiti Dolomites

Dolomiti Dolomites  Dolomiti Dolomites


DOLOMITI DOLOMITES in veneto italy


Enjoy your vacation in Belluno Dolomiti Dolomites accommodations; you are in the middle of the Alps of Cortina d’Ampezzo, from there you can visit art historical cities of the Venetian region , select on Venice & Country the best Belluno and Dolomites bed and breakfast and farm house ...

Dolomiti Dolomites
Dolomiti Dolomites


 It would be not easy to select the accommodation without the indication of the location of the bed and breakfast and the farm houses, without the help of the portal Venice and country : the portal is indicating via a special illumination the exact geographic position of each accommodation for your vacation , in  any kind of  hotels garni relais guest houses inns villas apartments and rooms for rent The accommodations – except which are down town in Belluno or Cortina - are disseminated every where in the middle of villages and mountains. The most important ski areas and climb resorts - skiing in the winter and hiking climbing trekking and golf in the summer – are :

Cortina d’ Ampezzo



 tre cime Lavaredo




 5 torri



Pieve di Cadore









 lago Misurina lake

 natural park Lago di Pieve di Cadore


S. Vito di  Cadore

 Borca di Cadore 

Tai di Cadore .

Thanks to the new high way – autostrada – you can reach from Belluno  also the art historical towns of the Veneto region , Treviso  Padova Padua Verona Vicenza Belluno Rovigo and Venice , and the smaller but nice art cities Vittorio Veneto Conegliano Oderzo Marostica Bassano.

You can leave by car in the early morning from the place of your vacation. and find your self , after one and half hour driving , on the Canal Grande in Venice or on the adriatic Venetian beach in Jesolo Caorle, or relax your self at the Thermae and spas of Bibione.

And what about the cooking, the famous cuisine of Veneto?  In Cadore, it means in the area of Cortina d’Ampezzo and of the Belluno Dolomites Alp s- in Italian language are called Dolomiti – you do not find the traditional cuisine of Veneto , but a different way of cooking influenced by German or Austrian tradition .  In the Dolomites of Belluno area you will not find the white wine area or the road of red wine , sooner you’ll find beer houses and beer cellars, particularly if you select an area of middle mountain like Val Visdende  Seren del Grappa Alani di Piave  Arsi่ Sospirolo Colle Santa Lucia Danta di Cadore Lozzo di Cadore Pedavena

If you like the travel vacations holidays in the mountains - between 1000 and 1600 mts above sea level – and if like a quiet vacation with the opportunity to practice some sport typical of mountain and middle mountain – if you do not like  to pay an expensive price for an hotel situated in a very famous ski area – if you agree a familiar reception at cheap price – an accomodation in Belluno or Dolomites bed and breakfast or agritourism – farm house


Farm house agritourism El Cirum                    Arabba           

                  The agriturismo El Cirum consists of a maso, a cattleshed and 17 hectares of pastures and meadows at the foot of Mount Monte Cherz…………………..

Farm house agritourism Arcobaleno                Feltre                   
a market-garden enterprise, situated at Cassonetto, just 3 km from the medieval town of Feltre, is an unpretentious but decorous structure which places 3 double rooms with bath and breakfast at its guests' dis………………..

Farm house agritourism Fulcio Miari Fulcis   Mountains Nevegal 

The Fulcio Miari Fulcis bed and breakfast can be found in the Belluno Valley in a splendid position between the Belluno Dolomites and the Venetian foothills………………….

Farm house agritourism Al Ciod                       Bassano Del Grappa

L'agriturismo Al Ciod ่ immerso nella soleggiata e tranquilla conca di Arsi่, circondato dal Lagorai, le pale di S.Martino, le grandi vette Feltrine, il massiccio del Grappa e le cime dell'Altopiano di Asiago…………………

Bed and Breakfast Altariol                               Feltre                       
Three bedrooms for seven people in a quite country House, surronded by a garden and an orchard and provided with an inner parking…………………

Bed and Breakfast La Bicocca                         Mountains Dolomiti

349 mts. above sea-level A private house with garden and a private parking area near the city centre. There is sleeping accomodation for 3 people with bathroom………………

Bed and Breakfast Casa Alice                          Feltre                       

will welcome you in their home in Lasen,a little village on a hill, wonderfully located along the slop of the Prealpi Feltrine, in the National Park of Dolomiti Bellunesi……………

Bed and Breakfast Parco Dolomiti Fisterre    Mountains Dolomiti

The Parco Dolomiti Fisterre,is a house with elegant finishes and equipped with all comforts which offers hospitality in two comfortable rooms with bath, TV, frigobar, telephone…………

Bed and Breakfast Casa Tua                            Cortina D'Ampezzo 

In Cortina,one of the world's most beautiful mountain resorts,we offer as a "Formula for members", a great value bed and breakfast with a series of associated activities and services to suit all guests………

Bed and Breakfast Bianco e Blu 2                    Mountains Dolomiti
400 mts. above sea-level A private three-family house with a gazebo for breakfast and a private parking area in a quiet area situated on the Mussoi Hill. It is only 1 km. from the city centre and 150 mts. from the bus-stop………………..

Bed and Breakfast Bianco e Blu 1                    Mountains Dolomiti
It is only 1 km. from the city centre and 150 mts. from the bus-stop. There is sleeping accomodation for 3 people with an independent bathroom. ……………………..

Bed and Breakfast Vecchia Fattoria               Mountains Dolomiti
400 mts. above sea-level A small farm with an independent house 7 kms from Belluno. There is sleeping accomodation for 2-3 people with an independent bathroom. ……………………