Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto: away from traffic, away from noise

Here below you find a presentation of the down town apartments. They are shortly listed per number buy college papers assignment help of sleeping rooms and beds. Additional sofa beds and cots are usually available on demand. From the list you can log on to the complete information of the apartment, prices for seasons and all other features.

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto

Apartment–4/6 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso
Located within walking distance to train and bus stations and to bus stop, it is an accommodation convenient for shops, restaurants, and grocery stores within easy walking distance. Biking trails lead along the nearby river. Located in the modern central city, equal distant from historical buy college papers assignment help sites in Serravalle and Ceneda (about 1 km either way).

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto


Apartment studio in the Castle of Serravalle –2/4 people–Vittorio Veneto
Around the meadow on the top of the town there are Medieval towers with comfortable apartments and studios for rent. This studio has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen corner in the living with large window towards the park. An extension to 4 people is possible, renting a second studio in a separate tower.

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto


Apartment in the Castle of Serravalle– 4/6 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso–Veneto
Inside the Serravalle Castle. It’s a wide apartment with 2 bed rooms for 4 sleeps, with the possibility of an extension to a third bedroom in a separate tower. From the garden you can enjoy a 360 degree panorama of the roofs and of the surrounding mountains. The castle is on the top of the ancient borough of Serravalle

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto


Large apartment on the 6th floor in the center of Vittorio Veneto, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms–11 sleeps –Vittorio Veneto,–Treviso–Italy
150 mq., Kitchen, living room, 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 large covered terrace, INTERNET

Apartments for rental in Vittorio Veneto


A good apartment budget–2/5 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso
A good apartment budget, well located near the historic center of the town: two-room apartment, very nicely furnished, terrace, garage: 4/5 people

A cosy budget apartment


A cosy budget apartment–2/5 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso
Newly renovated and refurnished apartment in Serravalle conveniently located close to all the best Vittorio Veneto has to offer:
2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 2/5

Apartment with large terrace


Apartment with large terrace– 2/5 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso–Veneto
It’s an apartment in a XV century building, located in the true Medieval context of Serravalle, at 20 meters from one of the Italy’s most beautiful art history squares, the Flaminio Square in Vittorio Veneto.
The Autostrada is directly connecting Vittorio Veneto with the famed art histoy cities of Italy .

Apartment down town near train station


Apartment down town near train station to Venice–2/3 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso
Two room flat, top floor of the building, in the center of the city, down town, with abeautiful view of the mountains surrounding the medieval art history city. The apartment is located at two hundred meters from the railway and bus stations, few steps

luxury superloft with pool


luxury superloft with pool and spa, up to 6 people–Vittorio Veneto–Treviso
The loft of mtq 200, with exclusive swimming pool and spa, for 4 people + 2 children: 1 double room with bathroom on the ground floor , on the first floor there is a large living room / kitchen / bathroom + an area with a master bedroom ,living area, gym and great Jacuzzi.

Each member offers his own second apartment for rent to foreign visitors. Whe are a local community of private direct owners for vacation rentals.

We do not have our residence in these apartments, that our family uses as a second home. For this reason we decided to rent short- term. Our selection of apartments includes those in buildings with relevance to the history of the town, previously owned by the richest families of the Renaissance, or those beautiful homes, surrounded by gardens and vineyards, where Venetian noblemen have been spending their summer holidays. Whereas some other apartments are in the modern center of the town, in a convenient location near the railway and bus stations, a few steps from the fountain of City-Hall, in front of  the cafeteria Lux. The Autostrada connects Vittorio Veneto with the famed Venetian art history cities of Treviso, Padua, Vicenza and Verona. The Venice airport, as well the Treviso-Venice airport, are easily reachable by highway (about 45 km). Each apartment is listed by number of beds and rooms, which also includes the living room. Additional sofa beds and cots are usually available on demand.

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